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System Volume Information – Clear hard drive space of `junk`

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System Volume information can chew up a huge portion of your hard drive if you are not carefull!! Back when hard drive space was a premium, keeping track of the sneaky stuff windows does in the background to hog space was a constant task! Now, with our massive GIGA monster or TARA behemoth hard drives, so suddenly, when […]

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Dangerous internet attack potential for July 9th,2012

Posted on 07/07/12 1 Comment

Malware “virus” threat real for messing with your pc!

Potential internet issue some may have on Monday July 9th. Please read below and take necessary steps to check out your system(s).

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Gmail – Create calendar event from email

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How to Create a Google Calendar Event from a Message in Gmail It Takes Just a Few Clicks you receive an email that you want to add into your calendar as some kind of reminder. Adding it to Google Calendar is easiest from Gmail. All it takes are a few clicks. Gmail will even, at least usually, […]

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Rogers – yahoo email settings for pop access

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Setting up a Yahoo! Mail account in Windows Live Mail Description This contains steps on how to setup Yahoo! Mail to send and receive email from within Windows Live Mail. It includes information needed to setup Yahoo! Mail in a popular POP client. Resolution Here is what you’ll need to set up your Yahoo! Mail […]

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PC “to do” – keep things running good in 2012

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Get 2012 off to a flying start with these quick tips. 1. Back up data We should all back up our important data and documents regularly. Unfortunately, most people only start backing up after losing something irreplaceable. Learn from others’ past mistakes and back up your machine right now. If you have a CD burner […]

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Add skype call me button to your website

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“It seems like everyone has a Web site these days, and some have more than one. If you are one of these connected types you can add a button to your site that allows visitors to contact you via Skype. You can also add a Skype Me button to your email signatures or forum signatures. […]

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Insurance info

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How to install LG Android on pc to back up and teather

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To help you get your LG Optimus one connected to your pc and be able to use it to teather the internet, backup you photos and data and also to update the software on it… follow along… FIRST: Download the LG Mobile Support Tool to your Windows computer from LG (click right here for Optimus One). Install it, and while the […]

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Add A User Account To Your Windows Home Server

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Add A User Account To Your Windows Home Server Add user account to your WHS. In order for you and your family to enjoy the functions and features of your WHS you will need to add user accounts for them to access the server’s resources. This will require you to set up a user/password on […]

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PrimeWeb in the media…

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DINING: Video-conferencing offered in restaurant Aroma balances elegance, high-tech Norman De Bono Sun Media May 14, 2008 Aroma Restaurant in London is balancing old-world European charm with 21st-century technology. Felipe Gomes of Aroma Restaurant stands in his new wine cellar lounge, which will be opening soon.(SUSAN BRADNAM/Sun Media file photo) The elegant downtown restaurant is […]

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